Supported Independent Living

Exploring the Freedom of Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Independence is a fundamental human right that everyone should have the opportunity to embrace. At Town and Country Disability, we are committed to helping individuals lead lives on their own terms, characterised by happiness, health, and autonomy.

We understand the significance of informed decision-making, and we empower you to maintain control over your support system, be it the activities you engage in, the job you hold, or your personal care regimen. Our dedicated team is dedicated to getting to know you, tailoring your support, and cultivating a nurturing environment where you feel both valued and secure. Our mission is to ensure consistency and positivity in your daily activities while guiding you towards the achievement of your goals.

Though each day varies, you can anticipate the following in a typical day of Supported Independent Living (SIL):
• Commence your day with personal care support.
• Prepare a wholesome breakfast and lunch.
• Engage your chosen occupation.
• Return home to prepare dinner.
• Unwind with your housemates.
• Enjoy excursions and activities on the weekends.

We are here to support you in your day-to-day life, encouraging you to explore new experiences and enhance your capabilities, all in pursuit of your unique aspirations.


A Collaborative Endeavor

Our compassionate and highly skilled team collaborates with you, your family, and various healthcare professionals, including general practitioners, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, behavioral specialists, mental health experts, occupational therapists, and more. Together, we form a collective support network designed to promote holistic well-being, enabling you to relish greater independence in your daily life.

Settling into Supported Independent Living

Relocating to a new home is a significant transition. To ease the adjustment process, we facilitate opportunities for you to meet your future housemates before moving in. You can make multiple visits to acquaint yourself with the daily routine, partake in barbecues at the local park with fellow residents, or even experience a few overnight stays.
We closely coordinate with other healthcare professionals to ensure your specific needs, such as dietary preferences or behavioral support plans, are met. Ultimately, your SIL residence is your home, and we want you to feel a deep sense of belonging. You have the freedom to personalise your space with cherished mementos, and share your favorite recipes with your housemates.

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